Small Space Odyssey

Small space odyssey is a career guidance project aimed at developing the scientific and technical creativity of schoolchildren and junior students in the field of cosmonautics and rocket technology through their involvement in educational, research, inventive and design activities under the guidance of a volunteer community of mentors, within the framework of the youth scientific and educational project "Space Odyssey", the author of which is the pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Alexander Lazutkin.

The project is based on the development of unique teaching materials for additional education for schoolchildren and students in the field of astronautics and rocket and space technology, the organization of project-team work and youth research in this area. During the implementation of the project, the participants will study materials on the history of domestic cosmonautics, the formation and development of the rocket and space industry and high-tech production in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Russian Federation, receive additional knowledge in physics, chemistry, astronomy, geometry, geography, local history that they will need to carry out design and research work in the field of cosmonautics, get acquainted with the profession of "cosmonaut" and related specialties.

An online project platform with a virtual "Space Laboratory" was created, where training and competition tasks for project participants, the results of their research, creative projects, rating of achievements, photo and video materials of the project, broadcast of rocket launches, recording of webinars and meetings with pilots were posted. cosmonauts, lectures by lecturers from leading universities on the subject of the project.

The Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall has equipped auditoriums for organizing meetings of young people with pilots-cosmonauts of the Russian Federation and veterans of the rocket and space industry, for conducting open lectures on the topic of the project for everyone with recording and subsequent broadcasting in remote schools and educational institutions, as well as for organizing exhibitions of school projects and an award ceremony for winners.

The project will become one of the ways to develop scientific and technical creativity of youth. It will involve teachers of secondary schools, mentors from among veterans of the rocket and space industry and participants in the scientific and educational project "Space Odyssey", cosmonauts of the Russian Federation.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the early career guidance of schoolchildren and students, will raise the prestige of engineering specialties among young people, identify the most gifted schoolchildren and students to build their educational trajectory in technical universities of the region and further employment at enterprises of the rocket and space industry. The project will contribute to the development of patriotism and pride of the young generation for the development of the achievements of Russian science and cosmonautics, and will allow organizing live communication between young people and cosmonauts, specialists of the spacecraft industry.